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Teatro Vaniglia
Apple Brandy

Discover our homage to the centuries-old craft of master coopers. 

This decadent brandy is a testament to the rhapsody of aromas and flavors that come from cask maturation. After double distillation from natural apple cider, it was matured in a first-fill American oak cask. Bottled at cask strength, it is a theatrical masterpiece: intense notes of bourbon vanilla, all-spice, and freshly picked apples create a rich, melt-in-your-mouth sensation that will surely leave a lasting impression.


Tasting notes


bourbon vanilla, all-spice, stewed pineapple, and green apple


mouth-filling texture with notes of green apple, bourbon vanilla, and mango with a hint of mint candy


long-lasting sensation of candied walnuts, stewed apples, nutmeg, and crème brûlée

Our process

We source all raw ingredients from local fruit growers in the distillery vicinity who share our sustainability principles. We distill in artisanal pot stills powered by recycled wood chips, and then carefully select casks for maturation.


natural apple cider fermented with native yeast


2 years in a first-fill American oak cask

grafike web stranica (3).png


double-distilled in artisanal copper pot stills

grafike web stranica.png


70 cl / 55,1% ABV (Cask Strength)

Limited edition of 285 individually numbered bottles

non-chill filtered & natural color

Our story

Brigljević Distillery is a boutique distillery from Croatia dedicated to crafting fine spirits since 2002. 

We’re artists on a quest for exceptional flavors and we proudly nurture an artisanal approach to spirit-making.

Our approach

We combine the best of Scottish, French, and Croatian production methods to create full-bodied spirits with distinctive aromas.


We utilize natural fermentation with ambient yeast only. After double distillation in traditional copper pot stills, all spirits mature in carefully selected casks.

Cask maturation is essential in developing the richness and complexity of our spirits. That is why we have built an elaborate maturation system with various casks, sourced from all around the world.

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Our footprint

We source all raw ingredients from local fruit growers, winemakers, and brewers who share our sustainability principles, and supply us with the best of what nature can give.


Our distillery production footprint is naturally very low: our copper pot stills are powered by recycled wood chips, whereas all organic waste from distillation is repurposed as compost for our garden.

Our spirits

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